Two years ago I took a nutrition class so I could meet the needs of my son who was diagnosed with ADHD. I learned about the negative affects of pesticides, eating meat, and processed foods. The benefits of organics were extolled as well as whole grains (especially ancient grains). Then came the “if your going to make one change” comment. The nutritionist told me that my son must have raw milk. I’m sure the look on my face told the whole story. “Don’t people die from raw milk?” I asked. He went on to tell me of all the health benefits but I couldn’t hear him. I wasn’t going to take any chances. No raw milk. And that was that!

Fast forward a couple of years. In addition to ADHD our son now has an added label of Aspergers. We’ve been through a lot with him. I’ve learned a lot about brain development, specifically the frontal lobe, which where ADHD impacts the brain. I’ve also been moving towards locally grown foods (my backyard), and organics.  So on a recent trip to visit family I had a long conversation with my sister-in-law about whole foods and more specifically, raw milk. She shared with me the virtues of raw milk, how it is a self digesting food, it has all the enzymes the body needs to sustain itself, and how it is really safer than pasteurized milk. Best of all the taste is amazing!

That was enough for me. When we got home I bought some raw skim milk ($3.99 for a half gallon) at Henry’s Market. The kids couldn’t taste the difference. I’m not sure how much of a difference it’s made so far but I feel better. I then learned it was better not to buy skim raw milk because the fats in milk really help the growth of the frontal lobe, which helps with ADHD and executive brain functions. For now, I’m sold on whole raw milk ($8.99 for a half gallon). The price is a lot. I’m not used to paying a premium for anything, soooo I am serving the raw milk at breakfast, lunch and dinner and regular organic milk for all other purposes (in cooking).  Hopefully it will make a difference – any little bit helps!

posted by John